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You will need a TradingView account to use our trading tools. The platform provides beautiful and easy to use HTML 5 charts for better trading

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TradingView is a web service and social network for traders, with a platform for technical analysis. TradingView is available with a paid subscription, and with a limited free version. To use Bonsai tools you will need a valid TradingView account (paid or free) in order to attach indicators or strategies in your charts.

Because we employ Bonsai tools in our trades, you can be confident that they are regularly updated and adapted to market fluctuations. Scripts create the alerts automatically. It is difficult to acquire profitable signals 100% of the time, but we work extremely hard to ensure that the signals are constantly up to date and consistent enough to use.

If somebody claims to be able to guarantee a profit on each deal, you should be very concerned. Our algorithms, while viable, are not always 100% accurate. The best method to ensure a successful trading is to use Bonsai tools in conjunction with your trading judgment and a sound risk management strategy.

No. All of our indicators and strategies are thoroughly tested before being released and will not repaint. Read more about repainting.

After you join our community, we will add your TradingView username to the "Invite-Only" access list for all trading tools. You will also receive an invitation to our Telegram group, and if you opt for the Trader plan, you'll gain access to the VIP channel on our Discord server.

Please allow us a few hours after you request access to provide you with access to all TradingView trading tools and additional features.

Is it possible for me to get a refund? Given that we provide a free trial for our services, we do not offer refunds. We encourage you to initiate the trial and explore Bonsai tools at no cost. This way, you can ascertain if they align with your requirements prior to opting for a paid plan. Once payment is made, it is conclusive.

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